Old World Cheese VS New World Cheeses



Try unexpected cheeses, some very traditional yet brand new to Australia, others more recent in the history of cheese but inspired by tradition. 


The Bundle of 6 cheeses will come with:


- Main Ridge Dairy Marinated Chevre (300g jar) - A very traditional recipe of marinated cheese made locally in the local "new world" of Victoria


- Robiola di Bufala (~165g) - An old soft cheese recipe from Northern Italy, modernised by the use of buffalo milk traditionally used for the making of mozarella


- Will Studd selected Le Duc (250g) - Inspired by the runny Alpine Vacherin made exclusively in winter in Europe, this is a pasteurised version destined for the New World!


- Westcombe Cheddar (~200g) - One of the last three producers of traditional Somerset Cheddar, newly available in Australia, don't miss your chance to try it


- Boeren Goudse Oplegkaas (~200g) - One of the last real Goudas out there, only two couples of cheesemakers still produce that cheese in a traditional way


- Rogue Creamery Flora Nelle (~200g) - Made in Oregon, this rather recent Blue is organic, sustainable and delicious, worth the try






The cut-off date for ordering cheeses from this OLD WORLD VS NEW WORLD CHEESES is Sunday 13th August.

Parcels will be sent from Monday 14th August onward and pick ups will be available from the same date.

All order including this item will be held and sent on Monday 14th August.

Please make sure you are logged into our website to get your discount applied for cheese club members.

If you have any special delivery requirements please ring us on 03 9421 2808 or email us thecheeseclub@rhcl.com.au

Our bundle will be coming with tasting notes and a map of the Tour de France 2017 showing you where the cheeses come from.

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