Caciocavallo di Bufala - Offer 6-17

Water Buffalo milk, Semi Hard - Bergamo, ITALY

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An Italian type of pasta filata (stretched curd) cheese, Caciocavallo di Bufala is produced by Quattro Portoni in Bergamo, Italy. The name means "cheese on horseback" and is thought to have originated from the fact that the cheeses are always hung together by a rope and left to mature by placing them 'a cavallo', i.e. straddling, upon a horizontal stick or branch.

Caciocavallo di Bufala is a mature stretched cheese made with full-fat pasteurized buffalo milk. The straw-coloured rind is smooth and waxy while the paste is soft and homogeneous, sometimes with small "eyes" holes. Flavours are sweet and delicate but become stronger with prolonged ageing.



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