Il Forteto Pecorino Affienato

Sheep's milk, Hard - Tuscany, ITALY

Il Forteto Pecorino Affienato - 250g $25.00
Il Forteto Pecorino Affienato - 500g $50.00
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The origins of Pecorino date back over 2000 years when first mentioned by the Romans. Today there are six main varieties of Pecorino, all of which have Protected Designation of Origin under European Union law (Romano, Toscan, Sardo, Siciliano, di Filiano and Crotonese), but countless others deriving from these six.

Pecorino Affienato has been coated in honey and hay. Traditionally in Tuscany before modern packaging was available, some cheese maker would wrap their cheeses with hay during maturation. They would do so firstly to protect the cheese but also because they found it would give the cheese a lovely grassy flavour.
This cheese is made by Il Forteto, a cooperative started in 1975 by a group of friends and students who started farming together as a way to build a future for each other. Il Forteto produces and raises everything on site, this cheese is no exception, the sheep are bred and raised on the farm, no extra milk is brought in, the hay is grown and the honey is harvested in the Riconi farm. 
This cheese has a lovely barnyard smell with honey notes and a delicate grassy taste that will transport you to the grassy hills of Tuscany. The rind shouldn’t be eaten.


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