Keen’s Cheddar (Neil’s Yard Dairy)

Brand new to Australia thanks to Neil's Yard Dairy!

Keen’s Cheddar (Neil’s Yard Dairy) - 250g $28.75
Keen’s Cheddar (Neil’s Yard Dairy) - 500g $57.50
Keen’s Cheddar (Neil’s Yard Dairy) - 1kg $115.00
Size $28.75 QTY
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The Keen family have been making Keens Cheddar since they moved to Moorhayes Farm in Somerset in 1899. Five generations later they are still there producing a world famous, award winning Cheddar considered as one of the top 10 British cheeses.

Matured for a minimum of one year, the cheese is creamy, smooth and firm textured with long, earthy, rich, nutty flavours and a sharp sting at the end.


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