Oveja Al Romero

The perfect nibble cheese from La Mancha, SPAIN

Oveja Al Romero (200gr) - $12.00
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This cave aged shepherd’s cheese made with sheep’s milk from the La Mancha region is rubbed with fresh rosemary and aged for a minimum of 6 months.

Produced in the same area as Manchego, this cheese has been around for as long as Manchego and the families adhere to their tradition of rubbing the cheese with Iberic lard and rosemary as it matures. When the flavours have been absorbed by the cheese it is brushed off and more herbs are rubbed onto its rind.

Neither creamy nor firm, Oveja al Romero has a fudgy texture that softens on the palate. The unmistakable herb flavour that complements the natural nuttiness of the cheese lingers and feels refreshing.


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