Persille du Beaujolais

Cow's milk, Blue - Rhone Alpes, FRANCE

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The Lapierre family has been making Persillé du Beaujolais near Villefranche sur Saone in the north of Lyon for about 50 years. Persillé, meaning parsleyed, is a generic French descriptor for blue cheese.

Starting with thermized milk - a heat-treated milk that is no longer raw yet not fully pasteurized - they produce a rinded cheese in the tall drum shape of a Fourme d'Ambert, weighing about 2.5kg. The wheels spend about two months in the producer's own aging caves, developing the interior veins of blue, then affineur Hervé Mons has them transported to the ‘Tunnel de la Collonge’, an old railway tunnel located 100km west of Lyon where he finishes their maturation.

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