Stradhon Blue

A rich Scottish blue from the Highlands

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On the banks of the Dornoch Firth, where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, in a converted brewery just south of Glen Morangie, you can find Rory Stone and his Highland Fine Cheeses. Cheese-making has been in the family since 1951. Rory’s mother was famous for her most traditional of Scottish cheeses, Crowdie and Caboc. These cheeses are still proudly made today, but Rory has an inclination for experimentation, and was never going to be happy until he had expanded the dairy’s range. Strathdon Blue was the result of one of his experiments. A rich and creamy blue that has more in common with its European cousins than it does with traditional English blues such as Stilton, Strathdon Blue is a luscious cheese with salty, tangy overtones. The milk is gathered from a co-operative of six local herds that graze the windswept pastures of Tain. The richness is balanced by a finish that evokes the taste of salty sea air, and the aroma is reminiscent of the iron rich kelp that strews the shores of the Firth.


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