Taste of Victoria Cheese Platter

Discover some of the beautiful artisan cheeses made around Victoria

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With the end of summer we thought we could indulge with some local seasonal cheeses, discover the selection below:


- Yarra Valley Dairy Saffy (275g)
Fresh cow's milk cheese from the Yarra Valley marinated in saffron, lemon rind, cumin seeds, garlic & olive oil.

- Main Ridge Capriole (125g)
A lightly ashed white mould ripened log with a fine dense texture, made from the milk of the 450 goats of Main Ridge Dairy in the Mornington Peninsula.

- Red Hill Merrick Mist (160g)
Made from NASAA certified organic cow's milk from Fish Creek in Gippsland, Merricks Mist has a bloomy white coat and sweet, creamy flavours.

- Annie Baxter Special Reserve (100g)
A very unique semi hard cheese made by Shaw River Buffalo Cheese in Western Victoria and matured with care by Jack Holman from Stone & Crow in the Yarra Valley.

- Berry's Creek Charlton's Choice (150g)
The latest of Barry Charlton's Blues!  Made from milk collected at Justin Edgelow’s sheep dairy in the township of Buffalo, South Gippland.

- 1 Packet of RHC&L Lemon Myrtle Lavosh
Made by our Pastry Chef here at Richmond Hill, these lavosh are inspired by Victoria with the delicate flavour of lemon myrtle.

- 1 Test Tube of Rooftop Honey 
From the rooftops of Melbourne city! This honey is harvested by a couple of local beekeepers. Perfect to drizzle on your cheeses!


As we have limited quantities for this offer, orders will be sent out from Monday 6th March until we run out of stock.

Pick ups available from Monday 6th March.



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