Two Sisters ‘Serafina’ 18 months Gouda

Cow's milk, Hard - Zegveld, NETHERLANDS

Two Sisters ‘Serafina’ 18 months Gouda - 250g $19.40
Two Sisters ‘Serafina’ 18 months Gouda - 500g $38.80
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The Two Sisters Serafina is the older of the Two Sisters’ cheeses made by Holland’s Cheeseland. The company’s roots date back to the early 1900s when they first delivered Gouda cheese by bicycle. Today it is still a family run business offering the largest selection of Dutch specialty cheeses in the world.
The term "Gouda" is not restricted to cheese of Dutch origin, it refers more to a general style of cheese making rather than to a specific kind of cheese, pointing to the fact that the taste varies greatly based on age.
The making of Gouda involves a step which is called "washing the curd" and which creates a sweeter cheese. After cultured milk is curdled, some of the whey is then drained and water is added. This washing removes some of the lactose resulting in a reduction of lactic acid produced and a cheese which will usually develop a caramel-like sweetness as it ages.


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